Swae's Process efficiently brings ideas to life

Swae is a software platform providing tools to help groups make collective decisions and govern together without reliance on managers and centralised decision-makers. Using Swae's software, individuals within groups can develop proposals, formulate strategies, upvote/downvote/modify ideas, and allocate budgets/resources together. Swae software helps distribute authority, replacing the function of managers in companies and transforming the role of elected officials in communities. Swae’s software leverages AI and Machine Learning to support individuals in proposal development, concept expansion and suggestion, data collection, and tradeoff analysis. The first tool of Swae’s platform is Swae, an AI-supported proposal development tool, allowing individuals living in municipalities, customers of or employees in companies to efficiently develop and share high-quality proposals for improving existing products or services or bringing new one’s to life. 

A participatory decision-making protocol designed as an intelligent suggestion box combining anonymization, AI, and crowd intelligence, fuelling smarter organizational decision-making.
Anonymized Identity (optional)
AI Supported Proposal Development Tool
Collective Intelligence & Open Feedback Process
Group Decision Making on Best Proposals



People want to have their ideas reflected in key decisions and to have more voice, but collecting thousands of different suggestions and including all voices is inefficient, unmanageable and nearly impossible. Swae makes bottom up innovation, simple, transparent and efficient!

Swae helps people express their ideas quickly, clearly and thoroughly, so their thoughts are legible and well-presented, and so those that may be able to support them can decide how to quickly.

This is how Swae works:


Swae is currently being tested on Android and iPhone devices. To experience the user journey, currently in BETA mode, please click here to be taken to the demo page. 

User Features & Benefits

- Anonymity (optional)
- Voting token
- Proxy delegation & revocation
- Polling
- Quantified Reputation
- Top trending ideas / phrases
- Word Cloud generator
- Organization-wide polling & sentiment capture analysis
- Crowdsourcing solutions
Efficient, bottom-up, and meritocratic
Increases engagement
No chaos or added work for management